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Health Qlix Incorporated releases LaborLytics®

Health Qlix Incorporated releases LaborLytics® to help lower the cost of healthcare while increasing quality.


May 13, 2014TAMPAHealth Qlix Incorporated, the healthcare cost analytics experts, is pleased to announce the official release of Health Qlix’s newest product – LaborLytics®.  LaborLytics® is an innovative analytics solution designed to provide uniquely insightful analytics and to manage labor and productivity in the healthcare industry.

David Clement, President and CEO of Health Qlix notes that “The rapid adoption of LaborLytics® has been impressive.  Despite the formal rollout just beginning now, LaborLytics® is already in use at hundreds of healthcare organizations across the United States.”   Mr. Clement continues “Not only does LaborLytics® uniquely integrate your analytics, staffing, position control, and productivity management functions but it identifies clear and immediate cost savings and cost shifting opportunities you never knew existed.  It is a truly innovative product that provides practical and fully actionable information to help you provide the most efficient and effective care possible within your organization.”

Escalating cost control and quality improvement pressures pose difficult challenges for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.  With labor expenses typically accounting for up to two-thirds of total hospital costs, better and more effective labor management tools are a virtual necessity.  Further, existing software and services solutions have done little to improve labor cost structures supporting the need for new approaches to the problems and issues.

In closing, Mr. Clement also notes that “LaborLytics® is very different and simply more effective than any other analytics and labor management solution available in the healthcare industry today.  We’re very pleased to make it available to the industry as a whole effective immediately.”

About Health Qlix Incorporated:  Founded in 2011, Health Qlix was formed with the express purpose of lowering the cost of healthcare by developing a new generation of labor management and analytics tools for the healthcare industry.  Despite being a newer company, its leadership team each have over 20 years of experience and are responsible for developing some of the most successful and widely-used analytics and labor management software solutions ever introduced to the healthcare industry.


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