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We have the most experienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with individuals you will find anywhere. Our services themselves span from installation and consulting services directly tied to our LaborLytics® product to labor and productivity management services that are available to anyone. While all of our services are affordable, some are even available on a contingency fee basis with zero financial risk to you.


Fix the foundation of your Payroll and Time and Attendance systems to support enhanced labor management.

This is all about starting with the proper foundation. Too often labor management and associated analytics activities are constrained because the underlying transaction systems such as payroll and time and attendance are simply not set up properly for the most effective analytics possible. While it’s true the primary implementation goal of these systems is to get your employees properly paid, the best implementation designs can also greatly enhance your analytic efforts. Our QuickFix™ service offering is fast and inexpensive and will provide a quick and lasting fix to the foundation of all your labor management efforts.


Quickly find immediate cost savings opportunities you never knew existed.

We will perform an innovative and in depth analysis of all your payroll and time and attendance information to identify opportunities for immediate and quantifiable savings. Our expertise and unique methodology allows our consultants to quickly identify these previously invisible savings opportunities and provide you with an action plan so that you can begin to realize these savings immediately. These engagements can typically be completed in as little as 2 weeks so they truly are a fast track to savings. QuickFind™ is offered at both a low fixed price and at a zero risk contingency fee structure if that is preferable to you. The contingency pricing structure is set to guarantee a minimum 5x return on investment (ROI) in the first year alone. In many cases, you can expect to realize savings which will generate a 10x or more ROI in annualized first year savings. Depending on your hospital size, it is not unrealistic to expect savings of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, or even millions for larger organizations. If we don’t find any savings or you don’t agree with our findings your total project cost will be $0. QuickFind™ is truly a unique zero risk opportunity where you will reap guaranteed returns.


Switch to LaborLytics® and get it fired up and working in virtually no time at all.

Installing labor analytics and productivity management software can be a very expensive and time consuming exercise. Our QuickFire™ installation completely changes those dynamics. If you currently run a productivity application – including all other leading providers – it is typically possible to have LaborLytics® implemented in your organization in days or weeks instead of months and months. Shorter installation time means you can save on the cost and start saving right away through the new labor management insights you will gain. With QuickFire™, switching to LaborLytics® gets you the innovative power of the best tools faster and more affordably than you would have thought possible.


Health Qlix offers a wide variety of traditional labor management and productivity services.

From productivity target review and development, to report design and creation, to statistic selection and identification, to position control refinements and integration, to software installation and training – Health Qlix offers greater experience, greater quality, and greater results at a lower price than you will find anywhere else.