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LaborLytics® Hospital Productivity Management Customer Spotlight – Wes Cooper

Name – Wesley Cooper

Title – Director of Operations Improvement

Hospital or Health System – Prospect Medical


  • Favorite Book? Favorite Sports team (professional or collegiate)?  Favorite vacation spot that you’ve been to?

My favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad, but I will read anything that has to do with business or finance. Favorite team is the LA Dodgers – perfect timing since they just won the WS! My favorite vacation was going to a lake house on the Ozarks and spending time boating with family.

  • What are your favorite hobbies and/or activities?

Golf is my all-time favorite hobby that I do too much of and spend too much on.

  • How long have you been working in a Labor Management/Productivity role?

I have been in my role for a little over four years now.

  • What do you like most about your role?

I like working with the directors towards a common goal of efficiency. Finding solutions as a team makes the organization a better place to work.

  • What is the biggest challenge that you face?

The biggest challenge we face is volume volatility and the quick reaction needed by the organization to continue to operate efficiently.

  • What Advice would you have for those just starting in a role supporting a Labor Management strategy/tool?

My advice would be to work with as many departments as possible to learn the different processes for staffing/scheduling.

  • Who do you talk to most at Health Qlix? How frequently do you communicate?  Monthly, weekly, daily, multiples times per day?

I talk with Jon Boyette almost daily whether it be questions about reports coming out of LaborLytics or best practices in productivity.

  • Favorite or most commonly used Dashboard, Report or function within LaborLytics? What would be the favorite/most commonly used among the managers that you work with?

My favorite dashboard is the daily labor executive summary. It is a one stop shop for system performance and it allows to dig into the departments that are performing unfavorably. The reports my directors use on a daily basis are the 14 day trend report and the day of week productivity report.

  • Have you been able to use your LaborLytics tool to help support any functions/operations related specifically to Covid19?  Is the data being used for anything specific?  If yes, please share.

When Covid first started, we didn’t have a cost center or pay code directly related to work being done for Covid patients or tasks. With the help of LaborLytics we were able to route pay codes and hours to a newly created department so we could track the hours related to Covid more appropriately.


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