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A Note from Our CEO

Welcome to Health Qlix Incorporated.  We may be a relatively new company, but my team and I have been working in the healthcare industry for well over 20 years.  During that time we have developed solutions that have significantly advanced labor analytics and productivity management, and versions of those products and services are still widely in use today.  However, these and other solutions simply do not reflect all that labor analytics can be nor do they drive the level of returns that are truly possible.  Our mission is nothing less than to help lower healthcare costs while simultaneously improving the quality of care.  To accomplish this we challenged ourselves to question and rethink everything and develop a solution set that is more powerful, practical, and actionable than ever before.

I am proud to say we have recently released our newest product, LaborLytics®.  LaborLytics® goes way beyond what anybody has done in the past, and I think it will revolutionize the industry in a whole new way.  I feel very confident when I say LaborLytics® is the most innovative, actionable, and user-friendly labor analytics and management software program ever made available to the healthcare industry.  My team and I have spent years working closely with our clients and in our own development labs to rethink the best approaches to labor management, productivity, and labor analytics.  LaborLytics® is a direct reflection of those extensive efforts.

Our relationship with our clients is a partnership, and we only succeed when we exceed our clients’ expectations and help them reach their organizational goals.  We understand that we would not have created successful products and services without our clients, and for that we thank you.  We continue to work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure their success.  My personal goal is for each of our clients to determine that working with us was the best decision they have ever made.

I hope we get the opportunity to work with you.  Whether you wish to implement LaborLytics® or utilize one of our other services such as QuickFix, QuickFind, or QuickFire I am confident we will help you drive real results throughout your organization – as well as provide a uniquely pleasant working experience.

David Clement
President and CEO
Health Qlix Incorporated